Loewe Puzzle Bag Review – Is It The Right Choice for You?


Loewe is a Spanish luxury fashion brand that is well known in Europe.

It’s not as well known in North America. However that is changing with the popularity of some of its bags like the Loewe puzzle bag.

Loewe (pronounced “Lo-Way-Vay”) started in 1846 in Madrid by a group of Spanish leather craftsmen.

The actual Loewe brand originated in 1876 when Enrique Loewe Roessberg, a German craftsman, joined the group.

The fashion house is based in Madrid and now owned by the LVMH group – which probably means you’re going to see a lot more of it in years to come.

Perhaps their most popular handbag currently is the gorgeous Loewe puzzle bag.

This chic, sculpted messenger bag has a unique geometric look that immediately grabs your attention when you see it on the street. Since Loewe is known for their leather goods, the soft, supple calfskin leather on this bag is also a standout.

Is this bag right for you? Here’s a review of what you need to know:


The Basics:

Type of Bag: Messenger, Top Handle, Shoulder, Backpack and Crossbody

Measurements: Varies – 4 Sizes: Mini, Small, Medium and Large

Shape: Rectangular

Outside Material: Calfskin

Hardware: Silver

Inside: Cotton Canvas with 2 Side pockets

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Loewe Puzzle Bag Review:

The Loewe puzzle bag is instantly recognizable with its 3-D leather panels in the front.

What most people don’t know is that this is the first completely new bag designed by current Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson. It became an instant hit when it came out a few years back and has grown in popularity both on the street and on social media.

There are currently 4 sizes – the mini, small, medium and large puzzle bags.

There’s one main top handle as well as an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap. The leather adjustable strap is also soft and pliable and extremely comfortable to wear.


The bag can be worn 5 different ways – shoulder bag, crossbody or messenger, clutch, as a top handle bag or in the crook or your arm.

There’s even a hook on the bottom of the bag. You can use this and attach one side of the shoulder strap to it and sling the bag around back to wear it as a backpack. So it’s extremely versatile.

Judging by which sizes are usually sold out on websites, I believe the medium size on this bag is the most popular, followed by the small sized Puzzle bags.

The lining is cotton-canvas with 2 interior pockets. Plus there’s also a small zip pocket on the outside at the back of the bag. It’s fairly small and doesn’t hold a lot – you could probably fit a couple of cards in there. But it’s still pretty handy.


There’s a flap that covers the front of the bag with a zipped closure underneath. This is great for security as there are 2 lines of defense – the flap and the zip.

One thing Loewe Puzzle bag reviewers like is how surprisingly roomy it is. Depending on the size of course, you could probably fit the essentials (small wallet, keys, phone, lipstick) in there – plus 2-4 more non-essentials (or even a bit more with the medium and large sized bags).


The Unique Look of the Bag:

This is not a stiff, structured bag. Rather it’s made to look casual but chic at the same time. If you look at pictures of this bag on various models you’ll see that there’s a definite “slouch” to the bag – which actually adds to the casual, stylish look.

It was designed to be this way. It catches your eye – but it’s not trying too hard.

Wearing this bag gives you the kind of look like “I just rolled out of bed and grabbed this fab bag on my way out because I’m effortlessly fashionable”.

It would be great for everyday use – but probably not the best for special occasions or formal events.


Any Downsides?

The price, starting new around $2000 USD for a small and ranging up to $2800 USD for a large-sized bag, might be a bit prohibitive for some.

Some people might be hesitant to spend that much on a brand that is not as well known (in North America) as other luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Prada etc

However with the LVMH company now behind them and with growing blogger and social media love, I think this is definitely a bag (and brand) to watch.

It’s especially fantastic for those who don’t like the mainstream popular bags – who want something different than the trendy mainstream “it” bags that everyone else is wearing. It’s also great if you like designer bags – but don’t appreciate the bags with logos plastered all over them.


The logo on this bag is subtle and understated. With this bag, you get the sense that it’s not really about the logo – it’s about the unique design, versatility and quality – which I love.

I also think the brand is here to stay and will only grow more popular with time. And since the Puzzle bag is Loewe’s most popular bag I think it’s just going to rise in price over time.


Final Word on the Loewe Puzzle Bag?

There’s no doubt that there’s something very special about the Loewe puzzle bag. It’s 3-D panelled look and slight top slouch gives it a unique style that you just don’t see with other bags today.

It’s also growing in popularity organically. Because of this, I don’t think it’s going to be a “trendy” bag of the moment – here today and gone next year. I think it will be around for a while.

Is it worth your money?

Well, if you’re looking for a casual, chic, stylish bag that fits a fair amount and is extremely versatile, it’s definitely worth considering. And, as stated above, if you want something extremely unique, that’s not as “mainstream” as other designer bags – it’s a fantastic choice.


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What Do You Think?

Do you have a Loewe Puzzle Bag? What do you think of it?

Do you like this bag? Are you planning on getting this bag in the future?

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– Kate XO