Street Style Eye Candy – Designer Bag Watching in Taormina, Italy – Part 1

Do you like watching people’s street style?

I’ve always loved watching the different outfits people put together.

I also love me some designer bag street style.

On a recent trip to the stunning town of Taormina, Italy, I had a chance to get some great shots of fantastic street style and designer bags.

Another reason to love these outfits?

It was extra challenging – this was 30 degree plus weather. So these ladies were able to put together some fantastic outfits in weather that would make most of us melt within 10 minutes outside.

In my mind this gives them even more street style cred.

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So without further ado, here are some of the best street style outfits I found in Taormina. There are some designer bags in the shots – and other pics are just about the fabulous outfits.

Tell me what you think in the comments below – Do you have a favorite outfit?

#1 Pretty in Pink – and Chanel

This was one of my absolute favorite looks of the day. This light pink outfit was loose, light, flowy. The hair was up and cool – but still stylish. And of course the Chanel Classic flap is like the icing on the cake. Perfection.

#2 Sheer and Flowing

This was another amazing style. The dress was so sheer and light. But there was a texture and design to it as well that could have been overwhelming if she had paired it with an over-the-top bag.

But she kept it simple – I love how she didn’t overdo things with the bag since the dress was already so unique. She kept things simple with a small, baby-blue, over the shoulder (bag designer unknown).

#3 Light Green Dress with Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Mothers all over the world, LOVE the Neverfull. It is so handy and stores so many things – but it still looks fabulous. I saw a LOT of Neverfulls in Taormina, Italy like this one. It was one of the most popular bags carried (during the day).

#4 Casual Navy with the Damier Azur Neverfull

I love the Damier Azur Neverfull – especially in summer. It’s light, goes with virtually everything and still carries whatever you need. I like how she has paired it here with jeans and a dark navy top – navy and white is always eye-catching.

#5 Fun In the Sun

No bag here – but just loved the outfit. I love how the wild earrings match and compliment the busy-ness of the pants.

#6 Didn’t Think This Would Work

I didn’t think these two patterns would work together – the pattern on the dress with the animal skin (snakeskin?) of the purse. But oddly enough it did – genius. Loved it – bag designer unknown.

#7 Cool With A Crossbody Speedy

While the bag was slumping a bit, I always love seeing people wearing a Louis Vuitton Speedy crossbody. It shows there are other ways to wear this bag other than just grasping the top handle.

#8 Keeping It Cool With a Gucci Marmont

Loved the hat and this lady just looked so comfortable – while styling a Gucci Marmont crossbody bag.

#9 Feminine And Comfortable

Loved everything about this outfit. Loved the flowery, feminine dress with the sporty black sneakers, loved the black Gucci Marmont bag – even loved the dog (and the pink leash complimenting the dress). Fantastic.

So those are the pics for today – another post to follow shortly with even more pics.

What did you think – which was your favorite outfit? Favorite designer bag pairing?

Let me know in the comments below!

– Kate XO