The Fendi Baguette Review – What You Need to Know Now!


If you were a fan of Sex and the City or grew up in and around the late 1990’s you probably have a soft spot for the Fendi Baguette bag.

This bag got a lot of attention, especially in the episode in Sex and the City where Carrie gets mugged and the guy demands her “bag”.

Still in shock, she blurts out, “It’s a Baguette“.

And with that endearing line, the popularity of the Fendi Baguette soared.

This original Baguette bag was designed to be carried under your arm (like a French baguette).

While it was a small bag, it could hold the essentials and still keep it’s rectangular shape.

Plus you could find it in hundreds of different styles – from subtle and understated – to completely flashy and over the top. So you could choose a Baguette that completely suited your unique style (and not see the same bag under the arm of every other girl on the street).

While the popularity of the Baguette died down a bit after the ending of Sex and the City, Fendi relaunched the bag a few years ago with a few minor updates.

Since then, it has gained a resurgence and new-found popularity. Both the vintage Baguettes and the newer released styles are in growing demand.

So is this the right bag for you? Let’s discuss:


The Basics:

Type of Bag: Clutch, Under Arm, Handbag

Measurements: Varies – 3 New Current Sizes: Mini, Regular and Large (Vintage bags are standard small size)

Shape: Rectangular

Outside Material: Varies – from Calfskin to Fur to Fabric to Sequins etc

Hardware: Silver or Gold-toned

Inside: Fabric lining with 1 side pocket


Fendi Baguette Review:

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi way back in 1997, this bag was originally a nod to the way Parisian ladies nestled the baguette loaf under their arms.

Designed with a rectangular shape and the iconic double-F Fendi logo on the front with a metallic clasp, the Baguette bag has a unique look that is instantly recognizable on the street.

After it was featured in Sex and the City, the bag quickly became the “It” bag of the moment. Many ladies simply called it the “Carrie bag”.

Fendi created hundreds of styles of the bag (around 700 was the last number I read). You can find vintage Baguettes that vary from fur covered to sequined to snakeskin and more.

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Women loved how they could get an instantly-recognizable luxury designer bag – but they could also get one that looked completely unique to them.

While the bag’s popularity did die down after the end of Sex and the City, Fendi relaunched the bag about a year ago and since then, it has experienced a huge resurgence in popularity.

The new bags come in mini sizes, regular (some people call this medium) and large. The regular and large sizes are larger than the original vintage Baguette style so they will hold more. And of course every year, Fendi will release new versions of the Baguette, giving you some really unique options to choose from.


The new Baguette bags keep the top handle of the original baguette (in a slightly different style). However the new bags also add a longer, detachable strap so you can wear it crossbody – unlike the original version.

Vintage Fendi Baguette or New?

This creates 2 different options for you – do you go with a 1990s-early 2000 vintage Fendi Baguette?

Or do you go with the newer Baguette styles?

On the one hand, the newer styles are well…new. Who doesn’t love breaking in a new designer bag and making it their own? The regular and large Baguettes also hold more than the original (or mini) bag.

And some people feel that the vintage version of this bag does look slightly dated (however other people LIKE the way this looks so I think it’s really a personal preference thing).

On the other hand, with the new version, I think you do lose a bit of the original, under-the-arm charm of the smaller Baguette bag.


Plus, if you can find a good, well-cared-for vintage Baguette, you will generally pay a lot less than you would for a new style – a LOT less.

For example, as of this writing I found several preloved vintage Fendi Baguettes for around $300-$400, which is amazing for a popular, top-designer brand bag.

Right now, the newly designed Fendi Baguettes are starting around $1800 for a mini, $2400 for a regular and $2800 – $3000 for a large. So that’s quite a price difference.


Ways to Wear it:

The Fendi Baguette can obviously be worn under your arm like a baguette loaf. However you can also wear it as a simple handbag by grasping it at the top handle.

And with the newer bags you can also wear it as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody by using the longer strap.

You can of course, also wear it as a clutch. If you have a particularly “extra” style (sequins, feathers etc), it’s great for a night out, parties or to go dancing.


Final Word on the Fendi Baguette?

I think Fendi has done an amazing job at relaunching this bag – even including Sarah Jessica Parker in the commercial (see below).

Will it retain it’s value over time? I’m honestly not sure.

Right now it’s very hot. And prices – even in the vintage market – are rising quickly. If Fendi keeps doing things right I believe it will remain hot and probably move into the iconic bag hall of fame over time.


I also think the fact that there are so many beautiful styles and design options with this bag is a huge plus. Women can get what is clearly a designer bag – but it still looks unique to them. You don’t find that a lot.

The main downside that I can see is that some of the vintage bags have not held up as well as others over time.

They were perhaps overstuffed or not cared for properly. And when this happens the bag tends to lose it’s familiar rectangular shape a bit. Then again if you get one for a steal of a price you may not care too much.

Just for fun, I’ve included a video of the new Fendi commercial below with SJP herself – you can see the new bags in action to see what you think.

Where to Buy and Save:

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What Do You Think?

Do you have a Fendi Baguette bag? What do you think of it?

Do you like this bag? Would you go for a vintage Baguette – or one of the newer designs?

Tell me what you think below!

– Kate XO