The Lady Dior Bag Review – Do You Really Know This Bag?


I have a confession. I didn’t necessarily start out as a Dior bag fan in my foray into designer luxury bags.

However, the more I study and learn about these bags, the more impressed I become.

In a world where people complain more and more that the quality of luxury bags is declining (not to mention the customer service), Dior seems to stand apart with their continued commitment to the beauty and artistry of the luxury designer bag.

Does this sound too hokey?

Am I gushing here?

Maybe – but stick with me and see if you don’t agree by the end of this review on the Lady Dior bag!


The Basics:

Type of Bag: Top Handle, Shoulder or Crossbody

Measurements: Varies – 4 Sizes: Mini, Small, Medium and Large

Shape: Square with A-Line Side

Outside Material: Calfskin or Lambskin + Other Materials like Velvet or Satin

Hardware: Gold or Silver

Lining: Varies – Usually with 1 Side Pocket

Top: Generally Zip Top – but Some Bags Have a Flap-top


The Lady Dior Bag Review:

The Lady Dior bag is one of those truly iconic bags – like the Chanel Classic Flap or the Hermes Birkin – that has been around for years. And it never looks dated or out of style – it’s an elegant bag with a classic, aristocratic feel to it.

While I knew it was a classic bag, I never really appreciated the Lady Dior until I started to research it for this post. The more I delved into the history and construction of this bag, the more impressed I became.

Unlike a lot of luxury designer bags on the market today, there is a true elegance, sophistication and rich history behind it.

There is so much to appreciate about it that – even if you decide it’s not right for you – you may want to know about it for your own love and appreciation of designer bags.

So let’s dive in:


History of the Lady Dior Bag

The Lady Dior bag was first created in 1994 by Christian Dior. However it wasn’t originally called the Lady Dior. It was called the Chouchou bag.

Then in 1995, the first lady of France gifted Princess Diana with a special version of this bag – which she loved. Lady Di carried it everywhere and was photographed quite frequently with it.

And with the publication of these photos, the popularity of the bag skyrocketed.

As a nod to her, Christian Dior renamed the bag to the Lady Dior – and an iconic bag was born.


What Makes This Bag So Special?

There is so much that goes into the design of this bag that most buyers never even realize.

You’ve probably noticed the unique cannage pattern stitched into this bag. This pattern was actually inspired by the original rattan cannage style chairs that were used at the Dior atelier in 1947 when Christian Dior first started out.

Each part of the cannage stitching is completely sewn by hand.


The D-I-O-R charms on the bag also have a unique meaning behind them.

In 1947 when Christian Dior was first starting out he found a star charm on the street and took that to be a wonderful sign of good luck for his entrance into the fashion world. He actually carried this star charm with him for years and – as a tribute to that experience – added the D-I-O-R charms onto the Lady Dior bag.

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Another interesting thing about this bag is the A-line shape on the side of the bag.

Dior believed that women should dress to emphasize a narrow waist with a widening at the hips. He designed his first collections in the 1940s and 1950s to emphasize this nipped waist and wider skirt – which was unique at the time and gave women a more feminine look.

The A-line of the side – with the narrower top flowing down to a wider bottom is a nod to the clothing style of that period.


The bag itself is made over a wooden mold and each piece is hand-crafted. There are over 140 pieces that go into making it! In all, it takes about 8 hours to make one Lady Dior handbag.

Another hidden gem to this bag?

If you lay the handles flat and look at the bag from above, it forms the shape of the C and D (for Christian Dior)!


Bag Sizes and Styles:

While there have been different styles and sizes throughout the years, generally as of this writing, there are 5 different sizes – the micro, mini, small, medium and large.

The most popular sizes are the medium followed by the small sizes.

Dior has been selling the classic (also called the “timeless”) version of this bag for over 15 years. It’s a staple of the line. In general, the classic version of the bag has the unique Cannage stitching pattern with the classic D-I-O-R bag charms hanging from the handle.  The outside is made with calfskin or lambskin.


Because this classic version sells year after year – with no real changes – you know that if you buy the classic version of this bag, you can still wear it 10 years from now without looking dated.

You can also get it the bag in various newer versions like velvet, printed calfskin and embroidered material. These can lend a funky, younger edge to a classic bag.

While the small, medium and large classic versions of this bag tend to have a zip top opening, you can also find mini versions of the bag and newer, non-classic versions of the bag with a flap top.


Another thing I like are the 4 metal feet on the bottom. This means you can put the bag down on a surface and not have to worry about the leather getting scuffed up (especially a concern with lambskin).

How To Wear It:

You can carry this bag in the crook of your arm – which looks very chic and high-fashion. You can also attach the longer, adjustable strap to the bag and wear it over the shoulder or crossbody.


Final Word on the Lady Dior Bag?

I feel like the Lady Dior bag is the underappreciated star of the iconic bag world.

Unlike some iconic bags that are starting to degrade with their growing popularity, this bag stays true to the idea of what a luxury designer handbag is – handcrafted elegance, style and quality.

When I see somebody carrying this bag I don’t think to myself “Oh, there’s one more girl carrying a nice designer bag.”

Rather, I think to myself “There’s a woman who really knows and appreciates fashion.” And I have a newfound respect for her style. Unfortunately, I just can’t say that about a lot of other bags.


Because of it’s classic look and feel, this bag might not be right for you if your style is more edgy and modern. However if you’re looking for a bag with a true sense of style and sophistication, you really can’t go wrong with a Lady Dior.

Where to Buy:

You can buy the Lady Dior new from the Dior website here – or in Dior boutiques. Prices start around $3400 USD for the mini and range up to $7000 for the larger or more unique bags.

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What Do You Think?

Do you like this bag? Do you have this bag?

Tell me what you think by leaving your comments below!

– Kate XO