Street Style Eye Candy – Designer Bag Watching in Taormina, Italy – Part 2

Looking for more street style eye candy?

As mentioned in my first post on Street Style in Taormina, Italy, there were too many pics for one post – so I had to split it into two.

Here is part 2 of the Street Style and Designer bag watching in Taormina, Sicily.

Remember – these pics were taken on a 30+ degree weather day. This just goes to show that even though it can be challenging to be stylish in crazy-hot weather, it can still be done (I’m busy taking notes from these ladies!)

I hope you enjoy the style and the bags!

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Tell me what you think in the comments below – Do you have a favorite outfit?

#1 Casual Neverfull Chic

Some people don’t like the Monogram canvas on the Neverfull as they feel it’s too logo-crazy. I get it – but I happen to love my Monogram canvas Neverfull. And I’ve found it to be super-easy to style with so many outfits.

The outfit below is a great example of how the Monogram-canvas Neverfull can be styled in a very chic, classy way that doesn’t seem over the top.

The outfit doesn’t outshine the bag – and vice versa. I think the whole outfit says that she’s classy and chic – without trying too hard. Perfect.

#2 Old Hollywood Navy Style

This was another one of my all-time favorite outfits of the day. So classic, so elegant

And the heels on stone? Amazing. As you can tell by the pics, I wasn’t the only one blown away with this outfit – the men were staring as well.

#3 White Pants Cool

I’m a sucker for a good white pair of summer pants – probably because I find it so hard to find a pair that looks good on my body type (short).

So I loved this light, airy white pants with navy top ensemble. I believe this is a Stella McCartney Falabella bag as well (correct me if I’m wrong). This is a bag that I’m seeing more and more on the street – and every time I see it, I like it a little more. It really gets your attention.

#4 Summer Time Gucci Fun

Sometimes, when you’re in one of those moods – you just have to say – “Screw the complimentary colors – it’s Gucci!” I think that’s where this lady was coming from.

I like how she paired, delicate, gold jewelry with her outfit as well here. It elevates a simple sundress and complements the Gucci bag’s extra-ness.

#5 White Lace Simplicity

A white lace dress can be really hard to pull off – especially in egg-frying heat like this. I just love how she looks fresh and keeps the hair simple.

Plus the aquamarine and tan accents in the sandals add that small pop of color that really finishes the outfit.

#6 This is How You Louis

When I grow up, I want to look this good. This woman OWNS her style in bright red pants, sequined black top, Louis Vuitton bag and death-defying wedges.

In somebody else it might be too much – but she can clearly pull it off. Plus, I need the number of her trainer.

#7 Perfect Summer Neverfull Outfit

Like I said, there were a lot of Neverfulls in Italy (or maybe I just have a thing for them.) This is a great summer outfit to pair with the Louis Vuitton Neverfull.

The white top and jean shorts look casual – and perfectly complement the dark Damier Ebene canvas. She looks like one of those cool girl-next-doors, you’d just want to sit and chill with by the pool.

#8 Fun and Flirty

I wish I could have gotten a closer pic of this for you – it was just so fun and fliry. I love the way she adds the straw hat to the cute, floral dress.

And the red sandals are everything. She looks like a catalogue spread for tourism in Italy no?

#9 Off-the-Shoulder Casual

I always find it challenging to do those popular off the shoulder tops – like how do you pair them? I think this outfit is a fantastic example of how to do off-the-shoulder right.

Love the yellow shorts as well – which is another very tricky fashion challenge.  Yellow shorts, if not done right can sometimes leave you looking like a stuffed banana. This girl gets major style points for making it look so effortless.

The bag incidentally is a Michael Kors tote.

#10 And Just for Fun…

And here’s some final designer bag pics just for fun. Because when he’s willing to carry your Neverfull on a hot summer day for you – you know he’s a keeper!

So those are the street style pics for today – what do you think?

What are your top 3 favorite outfits?

Let me know in the comments below!

– Kate XO